Finding an archaeologist to support your native title claim

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If you are an indigenous group that is looking for an archaeologist to create a report to support your native claim, it’s important to choose the right archeologists to maximise your chances of a successful claim.

Experience in looking at archeological artifacts from similar groups

As many native groups close to each other hunt similar groups of animals and exist in a similar climate surrounded by similar raw materials some of the items that are retrieved may be similar to items that are used in other local native groups. (For example, desert tribes that hunt the same lizards will often create tools that have some similarity due to their available raw materials.) It is important that your archaeologist can tell the difference between items that have been made and used by your group as opposed to the neighbouring groups, and can communicate these differences clearly. It can be very useful to choose an archaeologist with a history of working with groups in your broad geographical area.

Experience working in legal environments

There are some great archeologists who work primarily in academics but who may not be as confident working in a legal environment. Working on a legal case requires some different skills. It is a good idea to choose a firm that has a strong history of submitting technical evidence to native title claims to courts.  Some firms have archaeologists that specialise in field work, and others that specifically deal with report writing dealing with legal issues. 

An easy and warm nature

Often as part of a native claim, the archaeologists need to interview some older members of the group to discuss how they performed tasks with their family and tribe growing up. These older people are not always comfortable with authority figures, depending on their experiences, or can be a bit reluctant to open up to new people. Finding archaeologists who are experienced in understanding the non-verbal communication approaches, as well as being able to quickly build rapport, can be vital in getting the necessary information for the legal case. Being able to interpret answers correctly, such as interpreting when a yes is an agreement vs. a polite comment expressing lack of knowledge of the answer, is extremely important when doing field work with interviewees. 

Finding the right archaeologist for a native title claim for your tribe depends on finding a good match for the specifics of your claims, such as someone having experiences in your area and a nature that suits the people they will be interacting within your tribe. 

Finding Work in Your Field Before You Graduate

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If you are currently studying at TAFE or university, you might be eager to get some work in your field before you graduate. Working in the field you are studying in can help put you in front of the pack when you go for a graduate job, as well as helping you to better understand and contextualize some of the theory you are learning. Here are some ideas of jobs students can get in their field.

Commerce/Business students

If you are studying commerce it can be handy to get some practice working in a bank doing lunchtime and weekend relief shifts. Banks often hit a busy period at lunchtimes and need some extra bodies to help process extra transactions. This can help you to understand banking regulations, credit/lending protocols and chat to people from a range of local businesses. It also puts you in a great position to move into business banking or middle office functions once you have graduated, making the most of your front line work as a teller.

Vet science students

If you are studying vet science or a similar course, it can be handy to get some experience on the front desk of your local vet or animal hospital; answering calls, scheduling appointments and ordering supplies can help to introduce you to the scope of enquiries vets deal with as well as the broader time pressures and realities of running a practice. You may also get a chance to scrub in and help with procedures during emergencies, which can be a great way to consolidate your learning. This work often ebbs and flows, and working on weekends is often unpopular with full time administration staff, so this can be a great part time option for students.

Social work students

While some social work roles require qualification, many not-for-profits need entry level and freelance workers to help right grant proposals. This can be a great source of extra income for student who are used to researching the latest developments in a field, writing reports and consolidating data. Having this experience puts you in a much better position to apply for jobs at not-for-profit organisations once you have graduated.

As you can see there are some great options for students to get part time or casual work in the area they are studying. Why not contact an employment agency to see what kind of work you could do during your course?

4 Critical Merits Migration Agents Deliver to their Clients

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You have just landed an opportunity to study, live, invest or work abroad and need reliable advice on the constantly changing immigration regulations as well as to obtain the necessary immigration documents such as student visas and work permits on time.

Whatever the case, you need someone who is trustworthy to represent you all the way and here are a few reasons why you should consider consulting a migration agent:

Case-Specific Solutions Tailored For Every Client

Migration agents do not provide their clients with computer-generated solutions that are based on predetermined formulas because they recognise that each client has unique concerns and expectations. For instance, an international student may wish to obtain a visa extension after his period of study while an investor might only be interested on making a one-time visit overseas to discuss a business venture.

For that reason, they will assign a registered migration advisor with years of experience to assess every individual case brought to them by thinking independently.

Flexibility in Accessing Consultation Service

Face-to-face consultation with a professional migration advisor can take place at any of their numerous offices located in various parts of the world. Alternatively, it can be done via email messages, telephone calls or live online chats especially for those clients who find it difficult to visit such offices due to time constraints or geographical distance.

Either way, you can be rest assured that only the best in the business will be assigned to handle your migration needs.

Proper Flow of Up-To-Date Information

When it comes to the business of migration consulting, having the right information is critical. With many state governments and agencies throughout the world constantly changing or revising the existing migration policies, it is critical to make sure that the person dealing with your migration matters is always updated about these changes or revisions in a timely manner.

Because they are registered entities, state authorities often recognise migration agents as legitimate stakeholders when making changes or adjustments in migration policies. For that reason, these agents are not only kept informed on new migration requirements but are also sometimes involved in the process of making such policy changes because they represent the interests of migrants. This way, migration agents can best explain what the new policy changes mean for you.

Proven Results

These days, many migration agents encourage their clients to provide feedback by leaving comments or through rating the services delivered to them. This way, prospective clients can check for themselves whether the overall client satisfaction rates are impressive or not by reviewing the testimonials posted by some previous clients.

If most of these clients reveal that the migration agents helped them to successfully move abroad, you will most certainly enjoy peace of mind knowing that the person assigned to you is efficient. In case you see some client complaints on an issue of concern to you, then you can discuss how to avoid the same with your migration agent.

The Top Five Biggest Mistakes with Home and Building Inspections

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Building inspections are similar to home inspections; there are things you need to make sure you do just like there are things you need to make sure that you don’t do. There is a lot that goes into an inspection and you don’t want to have to go through the whole process more than once. Below is information on the top five things you need to make sure that you don’t do when doing an inspection:

Mistake One:

Having a new construction and not getting it inspected:

This is very important to remember; let’s just say that just because the house or building has passed all of the local ordinances and codes does not mean that everything is right. It does not mean that those who were involved did everything right and by the book.

Mistake Two:

You should not just pick an inspector for the wrong reasons:

Keep in mind that when you are picking out an inspector they are going to be the person who is checking up on your biggest investment and you want everything to go right. Make sure that they have all of the proper licenses before starting work.

Mistake Three:

You should never let the inspector be alone on the inspection:

You should always go along on the inspection process; you will be able to learn all of the problems and be able to properly determine what issues are minor and what issues are major such as defects.

Mistake Four:

Not listening to the recommendations made by the inspector:

Before closing, you should follow up on all that the inspector had to say; check out the recommendations he made and look at all of the issues. Learn what it will take to fix everything and to get everything right and then re-decide if it is worth it for you to go through with or not.

Mistake Five:

Just because your inspector has experience, it doesn’t mean they know the future:

The inspector you choose to go with can have years and years of experience but no matter what he knows and what he has seen he can’t tell you exactly what will happen. The best thing to do is to follow the recommendations that they give you and always follow up on everything with proper maintenance and what not. They are there to help you, they are being paid to inspect something not sell something so they are going to be more honest with you.

To learn more, contact a building inspections professional.

How to Decide If You Need a Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce is never easy for a couple, even if they both agree that it may be necessary and in the best interests of both of them. In some areas a couple may be able to handle their own divorce proceeding without lawyers, and while this may seem like a good option to simply get the proceedings over with, you might want to consider times when a divorce lawyer is the better choice. Note a few tips to help you decide if you need a divorce lawyer.

1. If there are disagreements about valuable property or family heirlooms

Disagreements over who gets which television or piece of furniture may not warrant the consultation of a divorce attorney, but if you own a house or vacation property, have large investments, or otherwise valuable property, and are now disagreeing about how to split these, it’s good to consult with an attorney. He or she can protect your interests and ensure that each spouse has their fair share of community property, without one spouse being favored over the other.

This is also true if there is family property or heirlooms that are now being contended. Without a prenuptial agreement in place, those family heirlooms or family property may be considered community property to be split by a couple. However, a divorce attorney may be able to negotiate ways of keeping that property with the family of origin.

For example, a larger portion of a couple’s shared bank account may be given to one spouse in exchange for them giving up their rights to certain property or heirlooms. Rather than trying to argue these things out between you, consult with an attorney for the best and most amicable solution.

2. If there are disagreements over serious aspects of child custody

Courts are not going to get involved in disputes about bedtimes and chores, but if a couple suddenly begin to disagree about what school a child should attend or whether or not a spouse should raise the child in their religion, or starts talking about moving far away with the child, this can warrant the intervention of a lawyer.

Couples may assume that the mother has the final say over all matters relating to child care and custody, or they may assume that they can simply move to another part of the country with the child without consulting their ex-spouse. An attorney can advise you on your rights when it comes to custody and raising of your children, but also on the rights that your ex-spouse has as well. You can then more readily work out those disagreements and ensure that each parent has their rights protected when it comes to the children.  

How Your Company Can Benefit from Labor Hire

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Labor hire refers to the practice of getting skilled and non-skilled employees from an agency. Those employees are only paid for the work they do and they are ultimately answerable to the agency from which your company hired them. This article discusses the different ways through which you can save money when your company contracts labor hire employees:

Lower Training Costs

Getting labor hire employees can reduce the costs you incur to train workers so that they upgrade their skills set. This is because you describe what skills an employee should have then the labor-hire recruitment agency finds that employee for you. In this way, you are able to get the exact kind of worker you need without spending resources on training that person. This saving can increase your profitability since you will have reduced your company’s costs.

Lower Social Security Contributions

In most jurisdictions, employers are obliged to contribute towards the social security remittances of their workers. Your company will not have to foot this cost since the labor hire employee is the responsibility of the agency from whom you got that worker.

This reduces the number of employees for whom you have to make social security contributions. That translates into a saving for you since someone will be doing the work that you want done and yet your company will not be obliged to make any payments towards the social security of that worker.

Lower Insurance Costs

Another area where you can save is on insurance. Your company may not be responsible for making workers’ compensation insurance payments for labor hire employees. This is because the labor-hire recruitment agency will be responsible for acquiring that insurance policy for those workers since such employees are under contract to the agency. However, some laws may compel you to foot the treatment cost of labor hire employees who are injured while working for you.

Lower Overtime Costs

Your company can also be spared the expense of overtime pay if you employ labor hire workers. This is because such employees may not be regarded as full-time employees of the company so overtime pay is not applicable to them. This can save your company huge expenses since overtime pay is normally computed at a higher rate than the payment for normal working hours.

As you can see, your company stands to realize significant cost savings if you take on labor hire employees. That is why you should give some serious thought to this option of getting workers. To learn more, contact a company like Labour Options with any questions you have.