The Top Five Biggest Mistakes with Home and Building Inspections

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Building inspections are similar to home inspections; there are things you need to make sure you do just like there are things you need to make sure that you don't do. There is a lot that goes into an inspection and you don't want to have to go through the whole process more than once. Below is information on the top five things you need to make sure that you don't do when doing an inspection:

Mistake One:

Having a new construction and not getting it inspected:

This is very important to remember; let's just say that just because the house or building has passed all of the local ordinances and codes does not mean that everything is right. It does not mean that those who were involved did everything right and by the book.

Mistake Two:

You should not just pick an inspector for the wrong reasons:

Keep in mind that when you are picking out an inspector they are going to be the person who is checking up on your biggest investment and you want everything to go right. Make sure that they have all of the proper licenses before starting work.

Mistake Three:

You should never let the inspector be alone on the inspection:

You should always go along on the inspection process; you will be able to learn all of the problems and be able to properly determine what issues are minor and what issues are major such as defects.

Mistake Four:

Not listening to the recommendations made by the inspector:

Before closing, you should follow up on all that the inspector had to say; check out the recommendations he made and look at all of the issues. Learn what it will take to fix everything and to get everything right and then re-decide if it is worth it for you to go through with or not.

Mistake Five:

Just because your inspector has experience, it doesn't mean they know the future:

The inspector you choose to go with can have years and years of experience but no matter what he knows and what he has seen he can't tell you exactly what will happen. The best thing to do is to follow the recommendations that they give you and always follow up on everything with proper maintenance and what not. They are there to help you, they are being paid to inspect something not sell something so they are going to be more honest with you.

To learn more, contact a building inspections professional.