Finding Work in Your Field Before You Graduate

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If you are currently studying at TAFE or university, you might be eager to get some work in your field before you graduate. Working in the field you are studying in can help put you in front of the pack when you go for a graduate job, as well as helping you to better understand and contextualize some of the theory you are learning. Here are some ideas of jobs students can get in their field.

Commerce/Business students

If you are studying commerce it can be handy to get some practice working in a bank doing lunchtime and weekend relief shifts. Banks often hit a busy period at lunchtimes and need some extra bodies to help process extra transactions. This can help you to understand banking regulations, credit/lending protocols and chat to people from a range of local businesses. It also puts you in a great position to move into business banking or middle office functions once you have graduated, making the most of your front line work as a teller.

Vet science students

If you are studying vet science or a similar course, it can be handy to get some experience on the front desk of your local vet or animal hospital; answering calls, scheduling appointments and ordering supplies can help to introduce you to the scope of enquiries vets deal with as well as the broader time pressures and realities of running a practice. You may also get a chance to scrub in and help with procedures during emergencies, which can be a great way to consolidate your learning. This work often ebbs and flows, and working on weekends is often unpopular with full time administration staff, so this can be a great part time option for students.

Social work students

While some social work roles require qualification, many not-for-profits need entry level and freelance workers to help right grant proposals. This can be a great source of extra income for student who are used to researching the latest developments in a field, writing reports and consolidating data. Having this experience puts you in a much better position to apply for jobs at not-for-profit organisations once you have graduated.

As you can see there are some great options for students to get part time or casual work in the area they are studying. Why not contact an employment agency to see what kind of work you could do during your course?